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The Importance of the Gift of Flowers

Bitsy's Happy Bouquet is a one-of-a-kind book that teaches children about doing things for other people. Each page of this entertaining book features beautiful detailed illustrations drawn by Lindy Burnett that keep young children captivated.

Between the pages of Bitsy's Happy Bouquet you'll discover16 different reasons to give flowers to friends and family. Caterpillar Sam is in every picture of the book and the children can look for him on each page as he watches Bitsy giving away flowers. 

This lovely book has a hard cover and measures 9 and a half inches by 10 and a quarter inches.

From the author and illustrator-
...with our best wishes...

We feel that flowers in any form make beautiful gifts; gifts that express feelings of love and care. From the tiniest of buds to the largest blossom, flowers tend to captivate our deepest emotions with their beauty. We hope to pass this idea along to the young children who read their book and meet Bitsy with her happy bouquet.

Therefore, we dedicate Bitsy's Happy Bouquet to their little friends who will look at each picture to find a spying Caterpillar Sam, and, along with him, count the many reasons for giving flowers. Our wish is that the children will always remember the reasons for this cherished gesture.